Executive Search

Executive Search

Medipeople Executive works with Public and Private Healthcare organisations to identify and appoint key clinical and non-clinical senior people. Our consultants bring to bear a range of complementary backgrounds and extensive experience within your industry.

Project Methodology

Medipeople work exclusively as a fully outsourced recruitment partner of your organization.

The search process is tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs, through detailed consultation and constant communication.

Stage 1 – Value

Before we can accept any assignment we complete a rigorous assessment of the position to be filled. For Medipeople it is key to gather an in-depth understanding of your organization and the challenges it faces and the position on offer.  We also require comprehensive details of the position and remuneration, as well as a summary of the experience, qualifications and competencies to excel in the role.  If we are to potentially sell any opportunity to a candidate or proactively search on your behalf, we need to know what it is like to work within your business. Once this information has been obtained a candidate profile is created to match the specific requirements of the position.

Stage 2 – Search

Once the candidate profile is agreed a search strategy is developed by Medipeople to uncover potential suitable candidates. Medipeople then enter the search phase of the assignment. On the basis of our research, we approach potential candidates on an informed basis.

We use the most effective combination of database searches, networking, advertising and headhunting.

  • Medipeople utilises Profile Recruitment Process Management ™ recruitment technology to manage the assignment and conduct powerful searches.
  • Networking is conducted through face to face meetings with existing or known targets as well as referrals through third party associates.
  • Placing strategic advertisements in both print and on-line media as well as direct mediums.
  • Direct headhunting activities through target organisations, identified individuals etc.

Medipeople Executive Search System

  • Habanero System
  • H.O.T.S Methodology
  • Proven methods
  • Highly successful outcome

Stage 3 – Review

Once Medipeople has collated a comprehensive long list of candidates that meet the strict pre-screening criteria the candidates will be met an interviewed by a senior member of our team. In the case of international applicants video calls are used to conduct interviews. The intention is to verify the capabilities of the applicant in line with their written credentials and their fit with your organisation. Detailed reference checking will also be completed during this stage. Following the interviewing process a short list of candidates that we believe match all the criteria asked for the role will be finalised and presented to the candidate. It is our expectation that the shortlist or identified individual will be invited for interview.

Stage 4 – Close

Once the interview process has been completed and both the client and candidate are happy, Medipeople can if required act as a mediator in making sure that both parties are satisfied with the remuneration package and relocations costs.