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Medical Jobs in Australia and New Zealand

Medipeople is a leading medical recruitment company based in Australia. If you are a doctor thinking about taking up a medical job in Australia or New Zealand then you have come to the right place.

Our highly experienced recruitment and migration team will guide you through all aspects of the move from landing the ideal job to your first day and beyond. Working with Medipeople you will get first access to all the latest positions and be ready to start quicker thanks to our expert migration team. All our services are completely free of charge to doctors.

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Working in Australia and New Zealand is a wonderful experience. We aim to make the experience even more fantastic.

Medipeople currently has high demand for medical staff currently working in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Canada or the USA in the following areas:
• Consultants – Anaesthetics, Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Psychiatry, General Physicians, Radiology, O&G.
• Registrars / Staff Grades / SHO’s  – Emergency Medicine, ICU, General Medicine and Psychiatry

Some of our International job pages: